HolyGrind's Daily Random Event/Giveaways!!!

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HolyGrind's Daily Random Event/Giveaways!!!

Post by HolyGrind on Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:15 pm

Every day that I, HolyGrind is logged on there is a chance for you as a clan member to win prizes such as $ or maybe even an item. Sometimes there maybe multiple chances a day for you to win.

How to win:

You must be a registered member of the clan. See clan rules on how to become a member of clan.

You must have HolyGrind added to your friends list.

Before  the random giveaway/ event, YOU MUST pay CAREFUL ATTENTION to what HolyGrind has been working on and or paying attention to chat before giveaway/event starts.

The giveaway/event will be explained in chat prior till and then clan members are given 5-10 minutes to enter and win. Simple right?


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